In Memory of the Great Artist Karl Drerup (1904-2000)

Karl Drerup was the cousin of my grandmother Therese Steffens and my
grandaunt Elisabeth
Steffens (Lisbeth Steffens).
Both were born in Euskirchen as daughters of Eugen Aloys Steffens, an entrepreneur and brewery owner. His sister Elisabeth was Karl Drerup's mother.

Karl Drerup's cousin Lisbeth Steffens was also a very gifted artist.
She studied painting in the 1920s at the Kölner Werkschule ('Cologne Crafts School').


March 26, 1929 Professor Richard Riemerschmid honored her as 'Meisterschüler' ('master student'):

Karl Drerup gave her a precious treasure:
Many of his drawings and paintings, furthermore a lot of photographs that show him as a young man during the 1920s.

I hope this webpage can give an idea of Karl Drerup's 'European' time.

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Photographs of Karl Drerup

All photographs can be approximately dated from 1920 to 1930. They show Karl Drerup as a young, creative and elegant man.

karl-drerup-photograph-01 karl-drerup-photograph-02 karl-drerup-photograph-03 karl-drerup-photograph-04 karl-drerup-photograph-05 karl-drerup-photograph-06 karl-drerup-photograph-07 karl-drerup-photograph-08 karl-drerup-photograph-09 karl-drerup-photograph-10 karl-drerup-photograph-11
karl-drerup-photograph-12 karl-drerup-photograph-13 karl-drerup-photograph-14 karl-drerup-photograph-15 karl-drerup-photograph-16 karl-drerup-photograph-17 karl-drerup-photograph-18 karl-drerup-photograph-19 karl-drerup-photograph-20 karl-drerup-photograph-21 karl-drerup-photograph-22
karl-drerup-photograph-23 karl-drerup-photograph-24 karl-drerup-photograph-25 karl-drerup-photograph-26 karl-drerup-photograph-27 karl-drerup-photograph-28 karl-drerup-photograph-29 karl-drerup-photograph-30 karl-drerup-photograph-37b karl-drerup-photograph-32 karl-drerup-photograph-33
karl-drerup-photograph-34a karl-drerup-photograph-35a karl-drerup-photograph-36a karl-drerup-photograph-37a karl-drerup-photograph-38a karl-drerup-photograph-39a karl-drerup-photograph-40a karl-drerup-photograph-41a karl-drerup-photograph-42a karl-drerup-photograph-31 karl-drerup-photograph-43a

Karl Drerup's Drawings and Paintings

Most of these images by Karl Drerup depict typical scenes of Spanish life, some of them are illustrations for the novella 'Carmen'.

karl-drerup-drawing-01 karl-drerup-drawing-02 karl-drerup-drawing-03 karl-drerup-drawing-04 karl-drerup-drawing-05 karl-drerup-drawing-06 karl-drerup-drawing-07 karl-drerup-drawing-08 karl-drerup-drawing-09 karl-drerup-drawing-10 karl-drerup-drawing-11
karl-drerup-drawing-12 karl-drerup-drawing-13 karl-drerup-drawing-14 karl-drerup-drawing-15 karl-drerup-drawing-16 karl-drerup-drawing-17 karl-drerup-drawing-18 karl-drerup-drawing-19 karl-drerup-drawing-20 karl-drerup-drawing-21 karl-drerup-drawing-22
karl-drerup-drawing-23 karl-drerup-drawing-24 karl-drerup-drawing-25 karl-drerup-drawing-26 karl-drerup-drawing-27 karl-drerup-drawing-28 karl-drerup-drawing-29 karl-drerup-drawing-30 karl-drerup-drawing-31 karl-drerup-drawing-32 karl-drerup-drawing-36
karl-drerup-drawing-37 karl-drerup-drawing-38 karl-drerup-drawing-39 karl-drerup-drawing-33 karl-drerup-drawing-34 karl-drerup-drawing-35 karl-drerup-drawing-40 karl-drerup-drawing-41 karl drerup painting 01 karl drerup painting 02

Holiday Snapshots of and by Karl Drerup

These photographs were taken on Karl Drerup's travels to Italy and Spain (Florence, Seville, Alicante) with Elisabeth Steffens.

karl-drerup-photograph-34 karl-drerup-photograph-35 karl-drerup-photograph-35b karl-drerup-photograph-36 karl-drerup-photograph-37 karl-drerup-photograph-40 karl-drerup-photograph-38
karl-drerup-photograph-38b karl-drerup-photograph-38c karl-drerup-photograph-39 karl-drerup-photograph-41 karl-drerup-photograph-42b karl-drerup-photograph-43 karl-drerup-photograph-42

Karl Drerup: The Red Thread of Art

Art seems to run like a red thread through the family of Karl Drerup, both on the maternal and paternal side.

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Karl Drerup: His Soulmate Elisabeth Steffens

Karl Drerup and his cousin Elisabeth Steffens were soulmates with a passion for art.

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Karl Drerup: The Family Background of his wife Gertrud

Karl Drerup’s Wife Gertrud, née Lifmann, was a Jew. Many of her family members couldn’t escape from the Nazi persecution.

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Karl Drerup's Maternal Family Background: The Steffens Family

These photographs and documents inform about the family of Karl Drerup's mother Elisabeth Steffens.

karl-drerup-photograph-44 karl-drerup-photograph-45 karl-drerup-photograph-46 karl-drerup-photograph-47 karl-drerup-photograph-48 karl-drerup-photograph-49 karl-drerup-photograph-50 karl-drerup-photograph-51 karl-drerup-photograph-52 karl-drerup-photograph-50a karl-drerup-photograph-52 karl-drerup-photograph-53
karl-drerup-photograph-54 karl-drerup-photograph 55 karl-drerup-photograph 55a karl-drerup-photograph 55f karl-drerup-photograph-70 karl-drerup-photograph-55b karl-drerup-photograph 73 karl-drerup-photograph 71 karl-drerup-photograph 72 karl-drerup-photograph 55c karl-drerup-photograph-55e karl-drerup-photograph-55d

Karl Drerup: The Family of his Cousin Therese Köster, née Steffens

Karl Drerup's cousin Therese Steffens was married to Eugen Köster from Gummersbach.

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