In memory of my father Franz Böringer

(31st January 1931 - 23rd July 2014)

30th of July 2014:
What a disgusting hypocrisy, what an inhuman act by Annette Böringer and Bernhard Böringer against their biological mother! Marlene Böringer had to learn from a death notice in the newspaper that her husband Franz Böringer, whom she knew since 1956 and with whom she was married since 1958, had died and had already been buried! Why on earth...? Marlene Böringer had always been a good mother for Annette Böringer and Bernhard Böringer!


31th of July 2014, Hagenbach/Palatinate, nearly 300 km away from his widow's home, the grave of my father Franz Böringer.
Annette Böringer - a Federal Public Prosecutor ('Bundesanwältin') - and Bernhard Böringer had no kind of sympathy and respect for their own mother!
Even one high-ranking police officer complained in a letter of condolence to Marlene Böringer that the police couldn't render an official salute to Franz Böringer, so Marlene Böringer - in her grief - was forced to justify herself!
I owe it to my father to make it absolutely clear: This way of burial was definitely not the will of my father Franz Böringer, there is no written 'funeral instruction' that was given by Annette Böringer and Bernhard Böringer to the local authorities! This funeral was against the law: The local authorities would have been obliged to ask first of all his wife Marlene Böringer (cf. section 9 of burial law Rhineland-Palatinate) - it's incredible!

Even now (2018) Annette Böringer and Bernhard Böringer spare no efforts to harm their own mother: They applied at the court for a partition auction of the house that Marlene Böringer has been living in for nearly 50 years - although Marlene Böringer already offered to buy Annette Böringer's and Bernhard Böringer's share of the house at a fair market price! In a letter by their lawyer, dated 13 February 2017, Annette Böringer and Bernhard Böringer stated that they would only agree to an amicable solution under one condition: Marlene Böringer would have to make a big concession in another court case...this concession would be a self-abandonment! Is this the true purpose of a partition auction? Is it also possible that Annette Böringer and Bernhard Böringer are not convinced to be right in this other court case?

THE FACT IS NOW (27th of July 2018):

The following fact is also very remarkable: Annette Böringer and Bernhard Böringer claim that my father Franz Böringer was seriously ill with cancer... but - during a court hearing - they refused to deliver his medical files...!!!Fortunately, there is section 630g (3) of German Civil Code BGB (inspection of the medical records).

But the following is hard to believe: Our mother Marlene Böringer asked to get back her husbands wedding ring.
In a letter, dated 18 May 2015, the lawyer of Annette Böringer and Bernhard Böringer wrote that it was our fathers desire that the wedding ring should remain with Annette Böringer, but Annette Böringer is willing - for the purpose of an amicable settlement - that our mother Marlene Böringer would receive her husband's wedding ring in her lifetime...but the ring must be returned to Annette Böringer after our mothers dead...!!!
I was totally shocked and I called on the lawyer to deliver a written evidence for the outrageous claim that it was our father's desire to give his wedding ring to his daughter Annette Böringer and not to his wife Marlene Böringer...!
In a letter, dated 29 May 2015, the lawyer wrote that - to the knowledge of the signatory - there is no written evidence, only a statement regarding the 'whereabouts' of the wedding ring...!

A lawyer's letter to the Local Court ('Amtsgericht') in Koblenz, dated 04 May 2017, contains again a special sentence that it was the testator's express desire that Annette Böringer should receive the wedding ring.....!!!
It's unbelievable!

Please note: Annette Böringer is a Federal Public Prosecutor ('Bundesanwältin')!

Never forget this quote by Winston Churchill:
"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it; ignorance may deride it. But in the end - there it is..."
(Jesse Ventura: American Conspiracies, New York 2010, p. 142)

My father as a kid with his little friend Ricko. franz-boeringer-01.jpg

At about the age of fourteen with his sisters Anna (right) and Gertrud.

My parents
Marlene and
Franz Böringer
in Oberprechtal,
August 1957.


Franz Böringer, as a police sergeant, during a course at the Sports Academy of the Federal Border Guard (now Federal Police) in Lübeck, March 1958.

In the 1960s:
My father was an avid fistball player.


Franz Böringer,
in about 1960.

In the 1960s:
Franz Böringer (red dot), celebrating in the chow hall of the 'Bereitschaftspolizei' (public order support force) in Koblenz.


At the end of the 1960s: My father as superintendent.

1971: Franz Böringer and me
in Manderscheid (Eifel).


Franz Böringer,
during a visit of police officers from the police headquarters Wad Medani/Sudan
(Hassan Ahmad
al-Siddig et al.)
and their families to Koblenz.

1979: During a visit of English police officers from Norwich,
Norfolk Constabulary
(Roger Brighton,
Derek Bunn,
Alan Goldsmith,
Patrick Nash,
Edmund Worby),
and their families to Koblenz.


At the end of the 1970s:
With Klaus Werz (right), later Head of Public Order Support Force, Rhineland-Palatinate, during a joint exercise (woodland search) of police, public order support force and helicopter unit in the Hunsrück.

(Photograph courtesy of Klaus Werz)

June 1980:
Franz Böringer
with Werner Maxeiner (later senior chief inspector and head of the highway patrol in Montabaur/Westerwald) during a visit of King Khalid of Saudi Arabia to Koblenz and Bonn.


In the 1980s:
Marlene and
Franz Böringer
on holiday in
St. Tropez.

Franz Böringer was also a tennis enthusiast.


About 2006: In the vineyard in Winningen, above the river Mosel.

1989, Gallic humor of French Gendarmerie:
It's FRANZ and not HERMANN -
go and ask Dr. Müller: "MUSKATNUSS!"
(= nutmeg; cf.:
Louis de Funès,
'Le Grand Restaurant').


1966, checkpoint Lauterbourg/France:
"Bonjour -
we are back!"
My mother Marlene Böringer after an unsuccessful attempt to invade France. Anyway: Her Volkswagen Beetle damaged at least a French barrier.
(She had been allegedly distracted by a handsome French customs officer...!)

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